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  1. Seathre

    Music To My Ears

    Great news everyone! After being gone for some time, I've finally sat down and reconfigured the music bot system for Discord. Please feel free to suggest any internet radio stations or particular genres you'd like to see added. Cheers, Seathre
  2. Seathre

    D&D e5 Resources

    Resources for D&D e5 Player's Handbook: https://www.arcticdoge.com/files/players_handbook.pdf
  3. Seathre

    Meme Thread Let's Go!

  4. Seathre

    Community Guidelines

    Community Guidelines Use Common Sense - Really easy to do, as long as you also follow point number two. Don't Be A Dick - Because why make people dislike you? It's a lose/lose for everyone. Be Respectful - People have different interests and opinions. You don't have to agree, just remember #2. Help Each Other - The more you do this, the better our community will be. Doesn't take much effort. Have Fun - As long as you keep these guidelines in mind, you're free to do most anything within the community. Note: Staff reserves the right to make moderation decisions on a case by case basis. Staff decisions are normally final. You may, however, message me directly if you have questions or concerns, and I will respond within 48 hours.
  5. Seathre